Host Your Invoices Online, Collect with PayNow QR, and Receive Funds Instantly and Directly into Your Bank 

CollectSmart is an invoicing and digital collections facilitation & reconciliation platform built to save time, help you get paid faster, reduce your operational & transaction costs, and allow you to receive funds directly & instantly into your bank account with PayNow QR. The platform also reduces operational overheads and costs for invoicing & collections processes.

Easy & simple

Create, upload, and email invoices in minutes from the online portal, without needing complicated IT systems. Streamline your existing workflows with ease.

Get paid faster 

Send invoices directly to your customer’s email with a unique invoice link, and get paid faster with cardless & safe QR-based direct-to-account digital collections.

Collect directly

Collect your funds instantly and directly into your bank accounts, without any delays or having to wait for next-day settlements and with reduced operational overheads.

Track & optimize 

Track collections with instant rule-based reconciliations. Accelerate collections for unpaid invoices. Automatic email reminders including aging reports.

How it works


Create an invoice

Create an invoice in minutes - or upload invoices from your systems on the online portal.


Email an invoice link

Email your customers a link that presents portal-hosted invoices, for faster direct-to-account digital payments.


Get paid directly

Present a digital QR code to collect your funds instantly and directly into your bank account, without any delays.


Track & reconcile

Track invoices, for outstanding collections, using sophisticated reconciliation features.

How it can be used

CollectSmart can be used independently for your online invoice hosting and digital collection requirements or can be configured to work with your existing workflows/systems.

Online Invoice Hosting & Digital Collection

  • Sign up and subscribe to CollectSmart service
  • Create, upload, and host your invoices online
  • Email invoices to payers and collect directly through PayNow 
  • Receive inward credit notifications from Bank and auto reconcile with invoices
Digital Collection Plugin for Other Platforms (e.g. Business Apps such as ERPs) 
  • Sign up and subscribe to CollectSmart service
  • Setup CollectSmart as payment service in your Business App 
  • Payers can use CollectSmart QR to pay directly using PayNow 
  • Receive inward credit notifications from Bank and auto create the payment for invoices

Integrate with existing workflows

Integrate with existing workflows - choose integration with your Banks and Business Apps such as accounting systems, e-commerce platforms and ERP solutions and more. Use reporting APIs and advanced functions to import data into your existing workflows and systems.

Promotions available for

Special promotions for current and intending customers of DBS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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